How to use formulas in Google spreadsheets

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Spreadsheet apps are essential in any office suite. Surely you have had some of them in your hands and you will know the power and the applications that they have, especially in the productive plane. In case you didn’t know, Google also has its own proposal on the market and Today we are going to show you how to use the formulas in Spreadsheets.

How to put formulas in Spreadsheets

The most basic thing you have to know about spreadsheets is their composition. The cells are arranged in rows and columns that you can customize to your liking. We are not only talking about content, but also about design so that everything is much clearer. Inside each cell you can place alphanumeric characters to determine the type of table that you are going to generate. The good thing is that the cells themselves can interact with each other thanks to the use of formulas.

Thanks to a new update that Mountain View have now integrated you will enjoy a new way to create not only the formula, but the one that best suits each situation. Let’s start with the simplest step, which is to select the cell where you are going to put the function. Here you have two options: the first is to follow the path Insert> Function and then the one you need. If you don’t know it, you can go to More information and see which one suits your needs.

The other way to include formulas in Spreadsheets has to see if you already know the function, where you have to go to the cell where you are going to see the result and write ‘=’ next to the nomenclature of the function that you are going to put. The third is the newest and at the same time the most assisted. It turns out that Google has added a feature that is activated by selecting a cell and then a set of them. Thus, artificial intelligence is able to recognize the range and tell you which formula works best. with what you need and leaves it one click away from placing it.

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In this last way, establishing a formula is easier and more comfortable in Sheets. In addition, this feature has an important bonanza and that is that the formulas are the same as in Microsoft’s Excel. Thus, if you know any, you already have everything ready to use it more efficiently.


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