How to use technology to sell or rent a property

How to use technology to sell or rent a property

The month of December is the one chosen by some families to start a new adventure in another home and put their property up for rent or sale. Resorting to the characteristic poster in the window or placing an ad in the newspaper are no longer the only options and technology becomes a great ally. Follow these expert tips to boost the profitability of the property and get the transaction done without requiring a large investment of time or resources.

1. Everything enters through the eyes: To attract and generate greater confidence in the interested parties who will see the ad from a website, it is vital to add quality images and videos that allow to know all the spaces of the property. The Babylonian Experts, a friendly and innovative to advertise or search for properties for sale and rent, indicate that this will generate much more traffic and contacts. For example, up to 50 photos and 1 video per property can be placed on your portal, which load quickly.

2. Search with Augmented Reality: This technological tool allows you to scan the neighborhoods you like the most with the AR view of the mobile application and show you all the available offerings around you on your cell phone screen. In addition, with this tool the property owner will not have the need to place the posters in order to capture the attention of passersby.

3. Lead tracking: This option will allow you to count the people who have seen, saved as a favorite or contacted by mail, phone or WhatsApp; immediately generating a list of interested clients that you can contact easily and directly. In addition, it is important to know that behind each one there is a real person, eliminating false leads or contacts from ghost accounts.

4. Access at all times: In the real estate sector, opportunities pass quickly. That is why it is essential to be constantly monitoring your offers and potential customers. This is where being present in a mobile application helps to give a quick response wherever you are, modify the data of your ads or remove the publication when selling and / or renting them, keeping the information updated and an excellent professional reputation in a competitive and constant market evolution.

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