How to watch South Park: Post Covid online

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South Park: Post Covid”Is the first in a series of 14 television films promised by the creators of the program, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, from the exclusivity agreement they signed with ViacomCBS until 2027. In addition, it is the first animated comedy film for adults in over two decades since “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.”

The new special will premiere in Paramount Plus and is about Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski, and Eric Cartman dealing with a world in the future after the COVID-19 pandemic. An elderly Randy will also appear.

Parker and Stone clarified that the projects they will do for the aforementioned streaming platform will not be feature films, but they will not have anything to do with the full-length specials like the one they produced for Comedy Central during the pandemic.

We try to make what’s on Paramount + different from anywhere else, so one-hour movies made for TV is what we have in mind. We will make two movies for television each year. They will be big, but not on a cinematic scaleStone pointed out.

”Will be released this Thursday, November 25 by in United States. The series has not technically aired a new episode since season 23 concluded in December 2019.

They are the kids facing a post-COVID world”, dice el cocreador Trey Parker a THR. “They are just trying to get back to normal. So it’s like our show. We are just trying to get back to normal”.

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The new special of “”Will premiere in Latin America on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 through Paramount+.

In Mexico, the film will also be available for free at Clear Video, for users who have an active subscription, due to the alliance they signed with Paramount Plus.

So far, it has not been confirmed whether “”Will come to Comedy Central, but according to official information, the new special is exclusive to the ViacomCBS streaming platform.

features the Pandemic Special, which premiered in September 2020, followed by the South ParQ Vaccination Special, which launched in March 2021.

Paramount+ is a global subscription video streaming service from ViacomCBS that offers a mountain of premium entertainment for audiences of all ages. It is available in the US, Canada, Latin America, the Nordic countries, and Australia, with an additional 45 markets expected to be reached by the end of 2022.

In the case of Peru, Paramount Plus has a cost of S/ 14,90, although the first three months offers a 50% discount. In addition, the first week of the service is free.

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