How to write a WhatsApp message without using your hands: voice typing

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If we talk about sending a message by WhatsApp by voice, it is easy to think that it is an audio note. But no, we are talking about text messages composed without touching the digital keyboard of the screen, something that can be done with one of the many ‘hidden’ functions that WhatsApp has: Voice dictation.

Dictate a WhatsApp message

Did you know that you can write a text message on WhatsApp without having to use your hands? The trick is to dictate it through the micro of your mobile or tablet, and the application will transcribe it to text to be able to send it.

Too check in which language you have configured the keyboard -when you open the microphone and go to dictate, if you click on the gear icon, you will open options and you will see the language in which the keyboard is configured in terms of text and voice.

If you have it in Spanish but you want to send a message in English, be careful because the function will tend to look for words in Spanish that sound similar to those you say in English -not translate them, but look for a sound equivalent.

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to a conversation with a contact or a group
  2. Click on the message bar so that the digital keyboard appears -It is usually the default Google GBoard- to compose the text
  3. Look at the top row of icons that appear above the letters, and that are used to find and insert emojis, stickers, GIFs and other options.
  4. See the mic icon? Press it – the application or mobile may ask you for permissions if they are not activated.
  5. As soon as a microphone appears instead of the letters on the keyboard, press it and start dictating the message you want to send with your voice.
  6. The message will appear as you speak. The best thing is that it does not send itself, since it gives you the option to review it and send it manually

Using Siri the Google Assistant

If you go by car, there is also another way to compose messages but without touching your mobile at all. Simply ‘wake up’ the assistant -Siri if it is from an iPhone or the Google Assistant on Android-, and tell him “Hey Siri / OK Google, send a WhatsApp to?”, and the function will open so that you can dictate the message.


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