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How to write an essay on a book

How to write an essay on a book

An essay is a complex academic work involving a lot of action and information, so it’s not surprising that many students don’t like this type of work and feel overwhelmed when it becomes too much. One frequent assignment in literature is to write an essay about a book. The purpose of such an assignment is to write a good review that lets readers know whether or not they should read the book. While a book essay is a common assignment for high school and college students, many may not know how to write one. In this article, we’re going to look at how to format a book essay properly. 

 What do you get out of writing an essay? 

Writing an essay about a book is a great preparation before writing coursework. Writing essays improves your skills in analyzing, structuring, and framing logically coherent thoughts. In addition, these assignments train your attention to detail and discipline.

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Step-by-step instructions for starting to write an essay about a book 

The following brief tips will tell you what preliminary work you need to do to form a good start before writing an essay. 

Pick a book

If the instructor has left the book choice up to you, that’s good. You don’t have to spend time reading it, as you can choose one of your favorite works. The fact that you are genuinely interested in this book is a good thing because that way, your review will sound even more convincing. 

Determine the dimensions

Your essay will probably already have a certain word count. At the same time, a book has a much larger volume. You should think carefully about the structure of your essay to put the main ideas of the book there. 

Determine the format and style

If you have been given a choice to choose the format of your essay, choose something you are familiar with. This will give you better control. If the format is on the list of essay requirements, study it carefully before you start writing your essay. 

Read the book

Even if it’s your favorite book in which you remember everything, you should refresh your memory, as details tend to get lost from your memory anyway. Take notes, highlighting the aspects that make the work good and those that make it fail. Then you’ll be able to write a successful essay. 

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 Formulate a great thesis statement

The thesis is the position you will defend throughout the paper. Try to put it into one or two sentences. It allows you to present your idea to the audience. The best way to form a thesis statement in a book essay is to choose a quote from the book that completely shares your opinion. 

Frame a quality introduction

Your introduction should grab the audience’s attention from the first seconds of reading. You should highlight the background of the book and the thesis statement itself. After introducing your audience to the main topic, you go from there. 

Main paragraph

Your main paragraph cannot be a solid paragraph. You must divide it into points, each with a different topic sentence and arguments for your thesis statement. All of the evidence you cite should be in the book itself. You can use quotations or paraphrases to do this. Interpret the characters’ motivations, analyze their behavior, and other elements of the book that should support the essay’s central theme. 

Take care of a smooth transition

The word connectors realizes a smooth transition between arguments. Based on the name, they make your sentences more connected and logically coherent. A smooth transition enhances the readability of the text, allowing readers to follow the structure of your essay better. 

Write a conclusion

The conclusion is your point and another chance to leave your audience impressed. The conclusion restates your thesis statement. Ensure you don’t add information to the conclusion that contradicts your thought. You should not introduce new information but only summarize what you already know. 

Don’t forget to reread and edit your essay. This way, following all the instructions, you will succeed in writing a spectacular and quality essay about the book.

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