How Tom Felton is after collapsing on a golf course

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Tom Felton, recognized worldwide for playing Draco Malfoy in the series of Harry Potter, had to be attended by health professionals. The actor collapsed in the middle of a golf tournament.

Felton was participating in a golf tournament.


© GettyFelton was participating in a golf tournament.

Draco Malfoy will be one of the most detested characters in Harry Potter, especially in the first books (and films of the saga), but with time it won the hearts of the fans. First, because of the evolution of his character, who proved not to be so disheartened but rather a poor child dragged down by the bad decisions of his family. But also the perception of this character changed from the hand of Tom Felton.

Tom Felton, who played the character in the saga created by JK Rowling In all films he is one of the artists who is most active in networks when it comes to remembering Harry Potter. In fact, for a time he was one of those who encouraged his former colleagues to hold a meeting to celebrate 20 years since the premiere of the first film, harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This, for fans of the franchise who would give everything to see their characters in action again, is of great value.

This day, the actor who gave life to Draco Malfoy made headlines for an accident he suffered during a golf tournament in Wisconsin. Between the Ryder Cup, where he was present, Felton decompensated and had to be assisted by medical personnel. While it was said that he regained consciousness fairly quickly, it still remained to be known what had happened once the doctors transferred him.

A few hours ago, the musician and friend of Tom Felton, Derek Pitts, brought peace of mind to his fans. Through a story posted on his account Instagram wrote: “It’s okay”. In addition, he wished her a “speedy recovery” to the actor of whom he shared a photo in which he looked good but it was not known if it was taken before or after the event. So far the causes that led to his fainting have not been reported.

Harry Potter made him famous … Or almost

Tom Felton owes a lot to the movies of Harry Potter, which he said changed his life and even made him start reading as a child. Also, they made him a big name star that people often recognize every time they come across him. Or at least that is how it could be said, except for some who do not know very well who the person in front of them is.

In its passage through Argentina Comic Con from 2017, Tom Felton revealed that it is repeatedly confused with Aaron Paul, the figure of Breaking Bad. But what is striking is that he is not only confused with the artist who gave life to Jesse Pinkman but also with another well-known artist. Some people often confuse it with Ryan Gosling And so said the actor, who said that he was once asked in a fast food restaurant if he was the actor of Diary of a passion.

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