How White Bread Can Salvage Your Burnt Batch

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Fix Burnt Rice with White Bread

Picture this scenario: you’re ready to prepare lunch and cook up some delicious Milanese, stew or meat to accompany your rice. You turn on the pot to make your rice and enjoy your meal. However, after a few minutes and a possible distraction, your biggest nightmare appears: you have burned the rice. Many people think that it is the end and it’s time to throw everything away. But, we at Mag, tell you that everything has a solution, and even more so if you use this homemade white bread trick.

This food is a staple to accompany different dishes. Whether it is perfect or well-grained, there are certain considerations that must be taken, such as the exact amount of water or the time it is cooking. Despite this, accidents can occur at any time, and you can face the terror of burnt rice. So, if you don’t want to go hungry, here are the steps you should follow:

How to Fix Burnt Rice with White Bread

If you need to fix your burnt rice, put into practice this trick that is very easy and for which you will need to look for bread in your pantry white or sliced bread. This food absorbs odors and flavors very well. So, you will need to place two slices on top of the hot, burnt rice. Let it rest for about 15 minutes so that the bread can act, but don’t forget to remove the pot from the heat. After this time, you will notice that your rice can now be eaten.

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If you don’t have bread, you can use a raw potato cut into slices. The procedure is the same as the previous one. Cover all the rice with the potato slices, but with the exception that you must leave it on very low heat for a few minutes so that the potatoes can soften a bit.

If you found this homemade trick interesting, and want to learn more about cleaning and caring for your home without investing a lot of money, stay tuned to Mag for more useful hacks.

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