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How William and Kate Plan to Prevent Louis and Charlotte From Becoming Prince Harry

How William and Kate Plan to Prevent Louis and Charlotte From Becoming Prince Harry

In an exclusive conversation with The List, royal commentator Amanda Matta shared insights on how children in the line of succession often have their entire lives meticulously planned out. Using Prince George as an example, Matta described a traditional path marked by attending an elite boarding school such as Eton College, followed by a stint in the Armed Forces, and then moving on to university before assuming a full schedule of royal duties. She noted that while this path can make for a well-rounded royal, it may not be optimal for a child’s mental well-being. “This is a high-pressure path for any child to take, let alone one who has the prospect of a life in the spotlight ahead of them,” she warned.

Contrary to this traditional approach, William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, are reportedly nurturing their children to become independent decision-makers from an early age. This approach is designed to help them practice autonomy.

According to Matta, William and Kate Middleton probably don’t emphasize the importance of official duties to their children as much as traditional royals have in the past. Their modern parenting techniques indicate that the couple believes the “traditional path” can undermine an individual’s sense of self. Matta also suggested that the Prince and Princess of Wales went against established norms to demonstrate that it is possible for the new generation of royals to fulfill their duties while still maintaining a distinct personal identity.

Source: The List