HP multifunction printer: “Scan to e-mail” broken after firmware update

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HP is currently distributing firmware updates for numerous multifunction printers of the PageWide series, which disable the function “Scan to E-Mail” (“Scan to E-Mail”). After loading, the devices display the error message “Debug_Msg” if you scan a document and want to send it to any e-mail address.

Carry the guilty firmware updates according to a post in the HP forum the ending PP1N001.2127A.00, e.g. MAVEDNPP1N001.2127A.00 in the case of the PageWide Pro 477dn. According to the manufacturer support, HP is aware of the problem – new firmware versions for troubleshooting should appear soon.

If you have already installed a corresponding update, you can try to set up a second standard sender email address. Forum members report on successes, even if only the original profile is created a second time. Alternatively, the sender address can be set individually for each scan, but this is time-consuming.


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