Huawei plans to regain the ‘throne’ of ‘smartphones’ despite the crisis

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Guo Ping, the president of Huawei Technologies, reported that despite the crisis caused by the US sanctions, the company has no plans to withdraw from the smartphone market. In a recent question and answer session with staff, the executive pointed out existing difficulties and future plans.

“Everyone knows that phone chips require advanced technology in a small size with low power consumption. Huawei can design it, but no one can help us to do it: we are stuck.” cited Reuters to the president of the company.

However, he added that the problems have a solution and that the company is not going to exit the smartphone business. Instead, Huawei plans to cooperate with its partners to improve its technology, which in turn will benefit the company as it could gain access to silicon produced in China. “Huawei will continue to exist in the field of cell phones and with continued advancements in chip production, the ‘throne’ of smartphones will eventually regain,” Guo Ping noted.

In 2019, former US President Donald Trump accused the Chinese company of posing a threat to national security, put it on an export blacklist and isolated it from key technologies, affecting its ability to design and produce its own. chips and components from external suppliers.

In the last quarter, Huawei, which at one point ranked as the world’s largest smartphone supplier, dropped out of the ranks of China’s top five vendors, the first time in more than seven years, according to research firm Canalys. . In November, to keep the business alive, the Chinese company had to sell its low-end smartphone brand Honor.

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