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Hugh Jackman Surprises Fans by Revealing His Beauty Secrets

Hugh Jackman Surprises Fans by Revealing His Beauty Secrets

Hugh Jackman always looks good, and now he’s giving fans a brief glimpse into what goes into keeping him looking fresh all the time.

The Wolverine star took to Instagram to share a snap of himself with bronze gel pad masks underneath his eyes, as a way of banishing bags and tiredness. The actor, 55, seemed to be holding back a smile, which formed a thin line on his mouth, as he took the photo—clearly able to see the funny side of the photo.
© Hugh Jackman Instagram Hugh Jackman shows off his beauty secrets

He captioned the photo: “This is 55”, clearly referring to the things he does to keep himself looking sharp at his age. But his fans seemed to mistake the post as an acknowledgement of his birthday, which led to them wishing him a happy 55th.

One person corrected them all, explaining: “It’s not his birthday yall his birthday is October 12.”

His fans still seemed to love the photo, wishing him well in his beauty routine. One person commented: “Still handsome as ever”, with another concurring: “you continue to be the best wine in the cellar!!!”
© Jim McIsaac Blake and Ryan spent time with Hugh Jackman at the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs game in 2023

A third fan chimed in with a tip of their own: “Go old school Hugh: Haemorrhoid cream works wonders”, caveating that they didn’t mean the ointment before adding: “Ryan Reynolds probably has lots” as a joke.

A fourth added: “Eye masks are great! I use them and I’m 45.”

Hugh seemed to be taking some well-deserved me time as he was on a promo tour for Deadpool and Wolverine with long-time friend Ryan Reynolds, as they spent some time in South Korea together.

He took to Instagram to share that the duo had celebrated the second day of their promo tour with some baseball, writing: “Ending day 2 of the #deadpoolandwolverine promo tour in Korea with two of my best mates, watching baseball?! If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up anytime soon.”

Source: Hello Magazine