Hugh Jackman was on the edge playing Wolverine in X-Men (2000)

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Hugh Jackman estuvo al límite interpretando a Wolverine en X-Men (2000)

The X-Men movie starred Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and now actress Anna Paquin remembers the harshness of the shoot.

Undoubtedly, Hugh Jackman made a great interpretation of Wolverine in all the films in which he participated, from the first X-Men of the year 2000, until his farewell in Logan (2017). Now, they must replace it to introduce the character in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, but it will certainly be a difficult decision. Because his replacement must have a charisma to match.

In a recent interview, Anna Paquin who played Rogue (Rogue) revealed the hardships he suffered Hugh Jackman shooting the first movie of X-Men:

“Hugh Jackman was definitely my best friend in the first one. Then they actually started bringing in cast members that were close to my age, so there was kind of a younger gang in their late teens, twenties, but Hugh was the person I was close with because he had all my scenes with him and he’s just wonderful. We spent a lot of time together in the first one and he is still a lovely and kind human being. They put him to the test in the first one and he was at the limit, but he never complained. They put a building on his back over and over and over again. I still had all the time in the world to be a nice, normal person. “

He also recalled a specific incident between the two that really put how much a person can be trusted was put to the test, explaining:

“While we were doing the truck stuff at first, Hugh Jackman had his claws out, but he was also supposed to be smoking a cigar, so I had to pull the cigar out of his teeth because he couldn’t do it with his claws, without causing harm. personal. But what are friends for?

Despite the fact that more than 20 years have passed, the movie of X-Men of the year 2000, is undoubtedly one of the best of the mutants of FOX. Currently it can be enjoyed on the streaming platform Disney Plus by following this link.

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