Hugo García and his reaction when asked about Alessia Rovegno

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Hugo Garcia He was consulted about the rumors that indicate that he would have started an affair with the model and singer Alessia Rovegno, who is the daughter of Bárbara Cayo and the niece of the popular actress Stephanie Cayo.

Before the cameras of “América Espectáculos”, the reality boy did not deny or confirm that he is meeting Rovegno.

I don’t talk about my private life, I keep my life on the sidelines. I have always taken great care with that subject, I do not like to expose more than what is seen. They can keep what they see and that’s it”, He commented.

Hugo emphasized that he is “Happy, I’m calm” and reaffirmed that you do not want “Talk about my private life.”

On the other hand, the member of “Esto es Guerra” said he was happy after achieving second place in the bicycle competition in the solar hill of Chorrillos.

“I have been training a lot, I have tried very hard, a lot of discipline, waking up early every day to go to training and nothing, the expected result was achieved. Happy, happy with the result achieved, I was able to achieve what I was waiting for so much ”, commented.

The rumors of a romance between Hugo García and Alessia Rovegno occurred after, on December 6, in the program “Amor y Fuego” some images were broadcast where they are seen together in a restaurant in San Isidro and later they go to the department of the reality boy where they spent the night.

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