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Huma Qureshi, Chandrachur Singh to Star in Indian Indie Film ‘Bayaan’

Indian indie producer Shiladitya Bora is gearing up to begin production on “Bayaan,” a new drama starring Huma Qureshi and Chandrachur Singh. Written and directed by Bikas Mishra, the film will start shooting this month in Rajasthan.

The cast also includes Sachin Khedekar, Avijit Dutt, Shampa Mandal, Priti Shukla, Vibhor Mayank, and Aditi Kanchan Singh.

“Bayaan” is co-produced by Bora’s Platoon One Films and Madhu Sharma’s Summit Studios, alongside producers Kunal Kumar and Anshuman Singh. The project has received backing from the International Film Festival Rotterdam’s Hubert Bals Fund and was developed at the LA Residency, part of Film Independent’s Global Media Makers program.

During his residency, director Bikas Mishra received mentorship from Craig Mazin and script advice from writer Jeff Stockwell and story editor Ruth Atkinson.

Set in the arid landscape of Rajasthan, “Bayaan” follows a father-daughter duo. The plot focuses on Roohi, a female detective assigned her first lead case in a small Rajasthani town. She faces significant opposition from a powerful adversary, all while striving to uphold her father’s legacy in law enforcement.

Huma Qureshi expressed her excitement about the project: “The absolute passion of Bikas and Shiladitya moved me. The combination of a fantastic script, a talented crew, and their complete dedication is rare.”

Director Mishra, whose debut feature “Chauranga” garnered significant acclaim, added: “With the best cast and crew in place, we are ready to make a film that will speak to the world with a story we care deeply about.”

Producer Bora, known for films like “Newton” and “Picasso,” sees “Bayaan” as fitting his production house’s vision. “As a producer, I seek scripts that could be breakout films for everyone involved,” Bora said.

The film features a crew of industry veterans, including cinematographer Udit Khurana, production designer Vinay Vishwakarma, and costume designer Shilpi Agarwal. Amala Popuri will handle location sound, while Rahul Tanwar serves as casting director.

Source: Variety