Hunter’s Arena: Legends battle royale arrives in August on PS4 and PS5, will be on PS Plus

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The State of Play last Thursday left us a good amount of news regarding the next releases for PS4 and PS5, among which he obviously stood out, Deathloop, its main protagonist. However, there were other minor announcements that are also worth taking a look at, and one of them is Hunter’s Arena: Legends, a battle royale of oriental origin that will arrive in August on both consoles and whose download will be free for all PS Plus subscribers.

As can be read on the official PlayStation blog, Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a battle royale for up to 30 players in which there are also PvE elements, set in ancient Asia during the time of the Demon hunters, according to Sanha Cho, CM’s description of Mantisco, study in charge of the game. And it is that in this title the players will not only have to face their rivals managed by others, but also demons that inhabit their environments. The combat is mainly melee, based on martial arts and swords, and it is precisely defeating those demons that will grant the most valuable loot.

A new battle royale

Hunter’s Arena: Legends will include three different game modes, depending on the number of players that form a team: Solo, Trio and Tag Team, the latter being designed for teams of two players, placing them in an arena in which to account for the rest of the pairs participants. Meanwhile, the individual mode is more focused on dungeon exploration and PvE, and on the other hand, the Trio mode is the most similar to what we understand today as a battle royale, with more open environments that combine elements of the other two modes.

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Already in last May there was a closed beta, having a few changes since then. For example, the number of characters to choose from has been increased to 17, with five specifically being added, all of them specializing in close combat or ranged combat, a style that is also present. A Dash movement has also been implemented, which allows to dodge projectiles or get closer to our rivals more quickly, while the possibility of fast travel from one location to another has also been introduced.

Thus, a new multiplayer joins the already important battle of the battle royale, and Hunter’s Arena: Legends will arrive specifically on August 3 to PS4 and PS5, with cross play between both platforms.

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