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Huntsville Star Keke Jabbar Passes Away

The most heartrending aspect of Keke Jabbar’s passing is the loss her three children now face. Despite the turmoil often depicted during her time on “Love & Marriage,” Jabbar found immense pride and joy in her role as a mother. Just a few weeks before her untimely demise in May 2024, she shared a heartfelt Instagram post celebrating her eldest child, Amaree’s, high school graduation. “My firstborn graduated from high school yesterday and it was such an emotional experience!” Jabbar wrote, posting a photo of her children. “I didn’t expect 18 years to go by this fast! We’re so proud of you, Amaree.” She also extended gratitude to her supportive community, including her parents, for their contributions to her son’s upbringing.

Earlier that year, in January, Jabbar commemorated Amaree’s 18th birthday with a touching family video where they sang “Happy Birthday” together. She expressed her admiration for her oldest child: “18 years ago I was preparing to become a mommy for the first time. I thank God for my child! I couldn’t have prayed for a better child who’s smart, handsome, respectful, loving, and kind!” Jabbar offered a prayer for Amaree, wishing him success and happiness as he entered a new chapter in his life. “I pray for God’s covering for him and that he goes out to create the best possible life for himself, using all the tools that his dad and I have instilled in him from birth,” she added.

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