Hyrope, the electronic string to control your cardio session

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There are many ways to exercise, but it is up to you to choose what you are going to do in your session. It is not the same to dedicate it to strengthening the body than to resistance, for example. The good thing is that there are many possibilities to do this type of activity and if we put ourselves at the point of resistance you can improve it even without moving. for this you need a rope, or if you are one of those whoe like to use technology Hyrope may help you.

This is Hyrope

It is summer and for many it is time to show off the body. But this is no excuse for being a time when taking care of yourself is a priority. If you can exercise several days a week you will improve your quality of life, even if you do it from home. For this you can do many exercises and there are machines that can help you if you can place them at home.


One of the simplest and smallest is the jump rope which also has electronic variants. The one that we are going to present you is called Hyrope and it promises to be one of the most complete options. The benefits they offer are based on the classic benefits of a classic rope with the technology that allows you to control everything you need from your training session.

A ‘smart’ comba

We will not discover much about what the exercise is, in which you have to jump over the rope that you hold while you move them. However, its contribution is in the handles that you hold, where there are electronic sensors that keep track of your session. You will see this progression from the screen that has one of them in case you don’t want to take a look at how your free training is going.

Its other important feature, as a good electronic device, is that Hyrope connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth for two purposes:

  1. Keep track of the exercise you are doing.
  2. Follow the rhythm of the exercises recommended by its integrated application for smartphones, in which you can choose several exercises and follow them on the screen as well as the progression you do of these.

Pre-sale project

One of the things you need to know about Hyrope is that it is in a pre-sale situation. It is a project that has already been presented and that will go on the market, but it is one of those devices that the sooner you buy it, the less it costs you. Specifically, of the 84 dollars it costs, it stays in 39 dollars according to what your website has.

According to its creators, Hyrope was invented because “mixing cardio with strength training is one of the best and most effective ways to burn calories for weight loss “, and the jump rope is “a great cardio activity that can be done in a limited space. “


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