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Although it has been more than 20 years since “I am Betty the Ugly one” premiered on television, fans of the Colombian telenovela still remember every detail that Beatriz Pinzón Solano lived through throughout the history that conquered millions of people around the world.

Since the brilliant economist began working at Ecomoda, until her shocking transformation that left everyone shocked, Betty goes through all kinds of situations that made us laugh, cry, sigh and suffer. However, there is a moment that is considered the most heartbreaking of the entire soap opera and one of the most decisive stretches in history.

It’s about the scene when Betty he read the letter that Mario Calderón wrote to Armando Mendoza. At that moment, the character played by Ana María Orozco breaks down in tears when she discovers the deception of the president of Ecomoda and how he was using her to make up the company’s reports.

One of the saddest moments of “I am Betty, the ugly one” was when Betty discovered that Don Armando Mendoza was cheating on her and only pretended to be in love so that she could make up the company informs them and does not stay with Ecomoda.

In the episode we see that the innocent Beatriz receives from the hands of ‘Sandra’, her friend and Calderón’s secretary, a gift bag for the president of Ecomoda. Although at first he hesitates to open it because he recognizes that it is not correct, in the end he decides to do it and begins to see what is inside the bag.

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First he is touched by a peculiar doll, then a box of chocolates makes him smile and, later, he comes across a mysterious yellow envelope that he ends up opening. It is a letter written by Mario Calderón for his best friend Armando Mendoza, with a series of instructions before leaving for a trip to Palm Beach with Marcela Valencia.

As Betty begins to read that letter, her face full of happiness for the romance fades and transforms into a face of pain and tears as she suffers the worst love disappointment when she discovers that she was being used and deceived by Don Armando. But what did the letter say? Here is the full text:

Dear Mr. President,

Here are the instructions for you to continue your horror routine with Betty.

In the first instance, you will find the cards that you will have to continue placing on the desk each morning to your monstrete with their respective details. You are not going to forget it, because I am not going to be there to do it. Writing those cards was more difficult than ever, because with the previous ones at least he told me what happened the night before. The gloomy kisses that he gave her, the words to make the horror, I say love with her.

Every detail of his itinerary of horror, at least it served me to write something to him. So these cards contain neutral feelings, I suppose that during these days he will have to return to the ordeal of kissing her, and surely of sleeping with her.

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The same goes for cheap poetry that fascinates her, poetry for ugly lovers. As the monstrete must be excited about Marcela’s absence, the most likely thing is that he is waiting for you to dedicate every night to her, and he would be right to think so. But be careful, he must be careful, Marcela is not going to neglect him. Patricia will surely follow in your footsteps and if you give reason, Marcela will cancel the marriage, and she has the desire to do so and you know better than anyone that this is the last thing you should admit. That marriage must be done through thick and thin.

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