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“I am ecstatic and filled with joy – I hope to remain here in this blissful state!”

Amber Heard Finds Refuge in Spain

Amber Heard (37) has found her refuge of Peace in Spain. After her controversial and mediatic separation process from Johnny Depp, the actress packed her bags and started a new life in our country with her three-year-old daughter Oonah Paige.

Her first destination was the coastal town of Costitx, in Mallorca, to settle in Madrid a few months later. She has been enjoying various plans, such as going out with her daughter to play in a park and making cultural visits to museums. Even, to better integrate into society and culture, she is learning Spanish and already handles the language quite easily and fluently.

Amber Heard’s Active Lifestyle

Amber Heard also likes to keep fit and play sports. A good example of this is that early this Tuesday the artist has been running through the center of the city dressed in a total black look, made up of leggings, a top, sneakers and a visor to protect her eyes from the sun. A ‘sports’ outfit that she has complemented with various necklaces and her long blonde hair collected in a ponytail.

The day has not ended here for the interpreter, who a couple of hours after doing her exercises has met a friend for lunch at the Kabuki restaurant, where the Japanese gastronomic tradition is mixed with the Mediterranean. Beyond her fabulous look, a flowing skirt, a white T-shirt and striking two-tone Oxford shoes, what stood out the most was the actress’s big smile. “I am very happy in Spain. Here I have life. I love living here and I hope to stay as long as I can”, she admitted pizpireta when leaving the premises to her colleagues from the press.

Amber Heard’s Struggles and Settlement

A joy and vitality that she seemed to have disappeared in Hollywood. It should be remembered that the last few years have not been easy for Amber. After a long judicial process against Johnny Depp, the Court of Fairfax, in Virginia, ruled that the actress had to compensate her ex-husband with 10 million dollars for defamation. The artist tried to appeal the sentence, claiming that she did not have that much money. Finally, she reached an agreement with the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean for one million dollars.

Johnny Depp’s Philanthropy

A fortune that, as the American magazine People has learned, Johnny Depp has already received. The 60-year-old actor will donate this sum entirely to charity. In total, it will distribute it among five associations: Make A Film Foundation (which helps young people suffering from serious illnesses to fulfill their dreams in the audiovisual world), The Painted Turtle (a summer camp for sick children), Red Feather (which provides a home to people without resources) and Amazonia Fund Alliance (which seeks to protect the flora, fauna and indigenous tribes that reside in the Amazon jungle).

Johnny Depp Finds Refuge in Europe

Johnny Depp follows the example of Amber Heard and finds refuge in Europe out of the public eye. Amber Heard’s sister gets angry with the MTV Awards for giving visibility to Johnny Depp.

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