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“I can get in and out very easy”: Adele opened up about her mental health

Mental health problems became a topic that was heard more and more in Hollywood with celebrities such as Lady Gaga O Adele talking openly about their own experiences. In the case of the British diva, she revealed in the past to face her struggles against depression from time to time.

“I am very susceptible to depression. I can get in and out quite easily. It started when my grandfather died, when I was about ten years old and, although I have never had suicidal thoughts, I have had to go to therapy, “the 15-time Grammy winner confessed in a candid interview she gave to Vanity Fair in 2016.

But it has not been the only problem he faced in the past, because with the birth of his son Angelo he had episodes that he wishes he had not experienced. “I had really bad postpartum depression after having my son, and it scared me,” she recalled. Now after therapy Adele still quite recovered.

As he mentioned on that occasion, many times he felt that he was not capable of dealing with the situation and he used to raise a barrier until he understood that “not being well” is part of life itself. “Everyone can benefit from talking to someone. I am the most anti-drug person there is, but some need it and there was a time when I was also treating myself with drugs ”.

On the other hand, Adele it was not the only one. More and more famous women are deciding to break the silence about postpartum depression and what their experience was like. Some of the Hollywood stars who wanted to give greater visibility to the disorder, in addition to Adele, were Drew Barrymore, Céline Dion, Gwyneth Paltrow of Sara Sálamo.


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