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“I can’t stop”: woman is addicted to eating her husband’s ashes – MAG.

A woman from Tennessee USA, affirms that she eats the ashes of her late husband every day. Her case was made known by the program My Strange Addiction (TLC), where Casie, 26, revealed that she lost her husband Sean only two years after getting married.

The couple joined their lives in 2009 and considered each other inseparable. Sadly, Sean passed away after a severe asthma attack and was subsequently cremated. As a consolation, Casie began to carry the man’s ashes everywhere.

Whether she goes to the supermarket, shopping, to the movies, to eat, the woman not only carries the remains of her husband with her. And, in addition, he continues to buy the items he liked. “Every time I go to the supermarket I buy the food he likes, when I cook I buy the food he likes, I don’t eat it, but I cook for him.“, said.

Casie indicated that, due to her habit, she has not been without ridicule; however, he prefers to ignore them. “Some people laugh, they think I’m playing but I mean it, he is my husband”, said.

His addiction would have started when it was time to change the ashes. At that moment, part of them stayed on his fingers: “I didn’t want to clean it, that was my husband, so I licked my fingers. And here I am, almost two months later. I can’t stop, I’m eating my husband “, he remembered.

Casie went further and even stated that she prefers to eat her husband’s ashes five to six times a day, which has caused her physical changes. “I have lost 42 pounds (almost 20 kilos) since my husband passed away, basically the only thing I am eating is his ashes,” he said.

However, the young woman revealed that Sean’s ashes are running out. Therefore, he said that he should stop his addiction soon: “I have to stop eating it, I have lost it once, this time it will be my fault that I lose it again”he added.

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