“I don’t know who you are”: the unusual reason why Rihanna could not enter a bar

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Being one of the best known singers of the past decade had no guarantee for Rihanna this week when the doorman of a bar prevented him from entering because he had forgotten his identification. A video of singer with her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky trying to mediate with the security officer.

It all happened this Wednesday when the couple went out on a date night in New York City, but when they arrived at a Harlem bar they did not have it so easy. Rihanna, who had a vintage outfit received a resounding “no” when the doorman of the place made it clear that without identification they could not enter.

A video of the couple waiting at the club entrance went viral on Twitter after they were apparently denied entry at first. In the images a doorman is seen talking to the rapper and asking for identification, “I do not know who you are”, you hear him say.

Although it is true, the famous couple had a moment of confusion with the manager of the door of the establishment, the reports of the local press assure that finally both were able to enter. According to an informant who met them at the scene, after clarifying everything, they had a fun night.

“They were never separated from each other all night and they always hugged and kissed. She drew him to her and didn’t want to let him go. He kept looking at her and smiling. They had a great time and they showed a lot of affection on a fun night, ”said the source. It is worth mentioning that last month the rapper confirmed to the media that they are in a relationship.

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