“I Finally Took a Gutsy and Heart-wrenching Step: Sharing My Painful Decision”

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Marco Antonio Regil makes an important announcement

There are many passions for Marco Antonio Regil, but, without a doubt, one of them has to do with the defense of animals, those faithful friends who have accompanied him for so many years and of which he has made his followers accomplices.

He has not shared images of his beloved Luna for a long time, the dog he adopted and to whom he gave a home full of happiness after the death of his beloved Bernie.

A painful decision

“A few weeks ago I made a very painful decision. I did it after admitting, with a lot of regret in my heart, that the best life for Luna, my Lunita, I cannot give her,” begins her sincere message.

Lunita suffered from parvovirus and had inherited many fears, which made Marco Antonio seek the help of César Millán for his training.

Seeking a better home

Over the weeks, the motivator has realized that the little girl needs a home with characteristics that he could not give her. So, with all the pain of this decision, he took the step advised by the coach canine at all times and Luna is with a big family.

Although the ending was happy, the speaker is grieving.

The power of true love

“The options were clear: stay with her so as not to lose her, and sacrifice her happiness and well-being, or allow her to be with a family that could give her everything that I cannot at this moment in my life. To love, on many occasions, is to let go and let go. That hurts and hurts a lot, but true love is not selfish and just as human beings have different lifestyles and tastes, animals are the same, and a stable family is better for Luna, with predictable routines, constant company of the same human beings and a safe and calm little dog sister, who shows her that there is nothing to fear,” he wrote.

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Lunita is already with her new family, which includes a little dog sister, with whom she once again has a great opportunity to be happier, face her fears and all the time in the world of her human parents for her.

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