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I Hate Boston’ Billboard Sparks Controversy in the North End

I Hate Boston' Billboard Sparks Controversy in the North End

I Hate Boston' Billboard Sparks Controversy in the North End

There’s a new addition to the Boston skyline in the North End: a large billboard reading ‘I hate Boston.’ The simple, black-and-white billboard has sparked reactions from both locals and visitors. While some find it intriguing, others are puzzled by its message.

One woman expressed her confusion, saying, ‘Interesting that it says ‘I hate Boston’ right in the center of, yeah, I don’t know. I don’t get it.’ On the other hand, a man from Baltimore who likes the city sees nothing wrong with it and finds it beautiful.

Despite the negative sentiment expressed on the billboard, many people still love Boston. A man from Maine exclaimed, ‘It’s great. I love Boston. I mean, what’s not to love about it?’

As it turns out, the billboard is part of a promotional campaign by actress-turned-singer Renee Rapp. She is releasing a new album on Friday, and one of the songs is titled ‘I hate Boston.’ The song is apparently about a breakup she had with someone from Boston.

While the billboard has gained attention, its location behind a new building makes it difficult to see. The only places to get an unobstructed view are from Beverly Street and high above the North End in NBC10 Boston’s Sky Ranger helicopter.

Some people have expressed their discomfort with the use of the word ‘hate’ on such a large billboard, considering the amount of negativity in the world. One woman said, ‘It just feels a little icky. I also think there’s so much negativity in the world, so to put something like the word ‘hate’ on a giant billboard feels like a bit of a choice.’

Interestingly, there is another billboard with the same message located in Brooklyn, New York. It seems that Renee Rapp’s campaign is not limited to Boston alone.

Overall, the ‘I Hate Boston’ billboard has sparked controversy and curiosity among the people of Boston. While some find it amusing and intriguing, others question the choice of words and the negative sentiment it portrays. Regardless, it has certainly succeeded in grabbing attention and generating buzz for Renee Rapp’s upcoming album.

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