“I have a dead mother in life”: Octavio Ocaña’s sister asks for justice with heartbreaking message

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The family of Octavio Ocana, remembered for playing Benito Rivers in the Televisa comic series “Neighbors”, continues to be shocked by the tragic death of the actor, who lost his life after starring in a police chase in Mexico.

Bertha Ocaña, Octavio’s sister, used her Instagram account to tell of the dramatic moments her family goes through after the death of her relative, the most affected being her mother Ana Lucía.

Today I have a mother who died in life, with a broken heart, desolate without breath and with no desire to continue living“The Mexican actress also wrote in her stories on said social network.

The young woman also replied to several publications of the users in which the legend can be read: “Justice for Octavio”, thus demonstrating that she also rejects the version of the authorities, which assure that the actor shot himself in the head after starring in a police chase.

Bertha Ocaña has also dedicated an emotional farewell to Octavio, whom she affectionately called “bebecito”.

“I will never be the same as before, why did you take a piece of my life with you, today I am not strong, today I will not defend myself against life, maybe today you would not be proud of me but I am sure that you will take care that my life is accommodated and that this emptiness and that this pain is healing”Is part of the message that accompanies the family photo.

I love you, I love you and I love you and you are, you were and you will always be what I love the most in life, it is not goodbye my baby, we will see each other in eternity meanwhile do not stop flying high because you only know how to be a great and I I will always dream of being as big as you”, Ends the emotional publication.

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