“I never said they robbed us”: follow the drama in Jenni Rivera’s clan

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The drama is far from gone for the clan of Jenni Rivera, now that his youngest son has returned to speak in public about the dispute created from the management of the companies that his mother founded. Johnny López broke the silence again on the friction with his uncles after he requested an audit of the company: “I never said they robbed us”.

As he said, both he and the rest of his brothers were victims of manipulation by their uncles, the diva’s brothers, Juan and Rosie. This supposed manipulation would aim to prevent them from talking about the administration of the assets of the deceased singer and the control of finances.

Johnny He confirmed that his brothers’ wish is for Jacquie to be the new executor of the family inheritance, but for now the audit process continues. It should be remembered that Rosie, the sister of Jenni Rivera He announced weeks ago that he would be leaving his position as executor and leaving them in the hands of the heirs.

“I never said that they robbed us, I never said that. As I just said, I wanted to see the reaction, although the questions always go to the excuse that we do not trust them, they get very defensive, “said the young influencer in a talk with the show” El Gordo y la Flaca. “

Johnny, who was just a child when his mother lost her life in a plane crash, said that asking his relatives for “clear accounts” cost him a possible breakdown of relationships. “They say that we are children and that we are not grateful, the last time I spoke with Juan he told me that just because he was my mother’s son I did not have the right to ask questions,” he added.


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