“I remember his toxic behavior”: two women join the accusations of sexual assault against Chris Noth

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Country pop singer and songwriter Lisa Gentile has accused actor Chris Noth, known for his role as Mr. Big in the series ‘Sex and the City’, of sexually assaulting her in 2002, pick up The Hollywood Reporter.

According to Gentile’s attorney, Gloria Allred, the singer made the decision to “break her silence” to “help other people who have been victims of powerful men“despite the fact that he cannot file a lawsuit after the statute of limitations has expired.

Gentile claims that he met Noth in 1998 at a restaurant in New York, where they had a talk about “music and show business.” The night of the alleged sexual assault, the actor offered to take her home from the restaurant where they were with some friends. “When we got to my apartment, he asked me if he could go upstairs. I told him I didn’t have anything to drink and he said, ‘Okay.’ I just wanted to know where I lived,” says Gentile.

However, according to her version of events, once in the apartment, Noth approached her, he kissed and groped her against your will. “I was finally able to push him away and free myself from his hands and I screamed: ‘No, I don’t want to'”, reveals the singer who also claims that Noth got “very angry” and left, although he threatened her with destroy your career if he said anything about the incident.

“Alpha Male Actor”

The accusations against Chris Noth have again brought to light an essay published last February by Heather Kristin, who worked as a stunt double for Kristin Davis, Charlotte in ‘Sex and the City’. In the post, Davis refers to an “alpha male actor” who made offensive comments about another actress. Now in a Article Updated for The Independent, Kristin revealed that the “alpha male” actor was actually Chris Noth.

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“I remember your toxic behavior too clearly, “writes the actress, who also reveals that Noth he groped her. “After that day, I did my best to stay out of his way,” he adds.

The accusations

The statements by Gentile and Kristin add to the recent complaints of alleged sexual assault against the American actor. In a recent testimony, following the premiere of the sequel to ‘Sex and the City’, the movie ‘And just like that’, two women identified as Zoe and Lily, the pseudonyms they used to protect their identity, accused Noth of attacks that allegedly occurred in 2004 and 2015.

Two days later, a third woman was reported to have charged Noth with the same crime. The victim would have been sexually assaulted by the actor in 2010, while working as a lounge singer in a New York restaurant.

For his part, Noth has denied these accusations and assures that the complaints against him are “categorically false”.

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