“I said it was all over”: when Gregorio Pernía and his family almost lost their lives – MAG.

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“I said it was all over”: when Gregorio Pernía and his family almost lost their lives - MAG.

Gregorio Pernía is a renowned actor who has won the affection of the public for his participation in various productions, the most prominent being the saga “Without breasts, there is no paradise“, In which he played Aurelio Jaramillo ‘The Titi‘, one of those drug traffickers who is not afraid of anything and is willing to do anything to get what he wants. Thanks to his performance, he won the admiration of people, who follow his life closely and are waiting for what happens to him.

Precisely a revelation made by the now participant of the reality show “Así se baila”, where he competes with his teenage daughter Luna, made his followers and the audience’s hair stand on end; and it is not for less, then the actor was about to die more than a decade ago in a car accident, but death not only surrounded him but his entire family; Fortunately, this did not happen, but that tragic experience marked his existence.

Next, we will tell you details of this dark episode that he had to live and from which He learned many lessons from the 51-year-old Colombian, who is now characterized by his positivism and contagious joy.

The actor Gregorio Pernía said he and his family almost lost their lives more than a decade ago. The year passed 2009, time in which the feast of the Kings was celebrated, when the actor and his loved ones returned from their vacation in Tolú. He was driving for 20 hours and although he was very tired he decided to continue to buy time and reach your destination; However, the dream was stronger and made his truck collide with a wall.

The accident put his life at risk, that of his son Emiliano, who was 9 years old at the time; of his wife Érika; and Luna, only 3. And it was not for less, because the vehicle had been destroyed.

“It is tenacious. One with his 3-year-old daughter in his arms and seeing her practically dead because she was unconscious, with a broken head because they sewed 36 stitches, there one says: ‘It’s all over.’ My son with a punctured lung, I with two broken vertebrae, my wife with fractures and a degree of guilt due to lack of conscience, because if I had stopped nothing would have happened. Money does not matter at the moment “, noted in an interview published .

Although that accident almost led him to lose everything, he knew how to learn life lessons and rethink his path. He noted that he learned to be a less fast-paced person and to take things slowly, trying to enjoy everything little by little. It also indicated that After the crash, the relationship with her partner Érika was consolidated.

It should be noted that the actor’s car accident happened when he was filming “Without breasts there is no paradise” and “Las detectivas y el Víctor”, as a result of his injuries he was on rest for several weeks.

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