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“I thought I was still dreaming” – A man earns $ 1 million after having a premonitory dream

Wayne County, a 32-year-old Michigan neighbor, won a $ 1 million prize in a scratchcard lottery a day after dreaming it up, the agency reported Thursday. UPI.

The lucky man frequently buys lottery tickets, despite the skepticism of his wife, who had been told that someday i would win a gold mine, although she never believed him, explains the County, which finally got its dream award.

“One night I dreamed that I had won a big lottery prize,” he explains. Without thinking too much about it, the next day he went to a store to buy a ticket. “When I got back to my car, I started scratching. I immediately saw the coincidence of the numbers ’04’ and I thought I would win $ 100. Upon discovering a symbol of 1 million dollars, I thought I kept dreaming“, remember.

County, which will get a net sum of $ 634,000 In annual payments, you intend to buy a house and a car.

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