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“I will go to therapy all my life”: the unexpected confession of Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson she was always surrounded by cameras and attention thanks to the fact that her parents are nothing less than Melanie Griffith Y Don Johnson and her grandmother Tippi Hedren. However, when she achieved fame for herself in “50 Shades of Gray” she had to deal with the pressures of Hollywood and experienced panic attacks that she is still trying to overcome, through psychotherapy.

The 31-year-old actress has spoken openly about the mental health problems that any problem can face and especially, about what she has done for herself to manage her emotions. Thus she confessed during an interview that she is willing to go to therapy all her life, not because of relapses but to continue learning from her.

At the beginning of the year Dakota Johnson was as a guest to the show Drew Barrymore, where he elaborated on the new activities he undertook during the pandemic time. While many people took the days of isolation to explore cooking, dancing, or physical activities, she chose to get to know herself better.

The protagonist of films like “Our Friend” said: “I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by people who have helped me and pushed me to continue deepening myself.” Previously, the diva acknowledged that the last episode of panic she had was during an interview with Jimmy Fallon to promote one of his latest movies.

“I was running around and then I started laughing hysterically and the whole team saying ‘but what is he doing?’ . I started running, laughing. Then I stood up and started crying, “he explained. Dakota Johnson unable to avoid feeling embarrassed by a situation that is common to many people.


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