“I Would Raise My Daughter with the Same Principles: A Parent’s Promise”

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The Relationship between Aitana and Sebastián Yatra

Their relationship is going from strength to strength at full speed, something that is reflected not only in the couple every time we see them together but also in other very significant details like this one at hand.

Undoubtedly, the singer from Medellín seems more and more integrated into the family of the former OT contestant, as shown by what was seen on television this Saturday night.

Sebastián Yatra has fun with Aitana’s Father

Cosme and Belén, the parents of the Barcelona artist, went to the Atresmedia facilities to witness live the penultimate audition gala for La Voz Kids. During the recording, everything happened with the usual mechanics and a certain normality… until the moment came.

Lucía appeared on stage, a Euskadi girl who managed to captivate everyone with her amazing performance and made the four big names in music turn in their chairs to try to take her to their team. From there began a funny pique between Sebastián Yatra and Aitana for convincing the contestant, something that would involve the parents of the interpreter of Lo Malo without them being able to imagine it. Oops!

Aitana’s Look at Miguel Bernardeau in Their First Public Reunion

It is true that the finalist of Operación Triunfo 2017 had a better chance than her boy since she recognized the young lady since she once saw her at one of his concerts. She told the ‘coach’ that that day she asked the assistants for help to say a few words in Basque, and it was precisely that fan of hers who offered to lend her a hand.

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However, the Colombian idol did not give up on his efforts and approached the applicant to hug her and try to captivate her. “I want to support you and believe in me … Can you imagine what people in your town will say? Wow!”

The Phobia That Aitana is Managing to Overcome… Thanks to Sebastián Yatra?

Aitana and Sebastián Yatra took an impasse that the Latin singer took advantage of to go to the stands where Belén and Cosme were, sitting next to them in an affectionate attitude. “Help me, she has the advantage,” she told them humorously.

The singer ended there with a reflection out loud about the personality and character of her boyfriend, who dares with everything: “Do you realize what Sebastián has, that he goes to my father and convinces him that he should go with him?”

This is How the ‘New’ Aitana presents Herself

Aitana surprises with her new facet as DJ. She is presenting herself with a radical change of look for her next album.

Sebastián Yatra and Aitana make a great couple, both on stage and in personal life. Their relationship has been on cloud nine, and these small details about how they spend time together with their families show the depth of their love.

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