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Ian Buchanan and Finola Hughes Reunite in London
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Duke and Anna fans were thrilled when Ian Buchanan and Finola Hughes treated them to some special selfies! “Look who I found in London,” Hughes exclaimed, sharing her selfie alongside her former General Hospital co-star and his partner, Antonio Hendricks. Buchanan also shared a similar selfie, captioning it: “As you do!”

Their posts quickly garnered an outpouring of love and nostalgia from fans and friends alike, including comments from fellow GH castmates like Rebecca Budig (ex-Hayden), Michael Easton (ex-Finn), Cameron Mathison (Drew), and Kelly Monaco (Sam). Even Hendricks playfully chimed in on Hughes’ post, writing: “Love you!!!”

For many, these selfies rekindled memories of the cherished Duke and Anna love story on GH, particularly their legendary tango scenes. One fan even urged Hughes to bring Buchanan back to Port Charles following her visit to England with her daughter, Sadie.

Buchanan’s journey on General Hospital began in 1986 when he joined the cast as Duke Lavery, a year after Hughes made her debut as Anna Devane. Despite Duke’s criminal background, his romance with Anna culminated in marriage, enchanting fans. The excitement reached a high point when Duke returned from the dead in 2012. Unfortunately, this reunion was short-lived as the character met his end once again in 2015.

While Hughes has portrayed Anna—and occasionally her twin sister, Alex—on both GH and All My Children, Buchanan has become a well-known figure in various soap operas since his departure from GH in 1989. He has taken on roles such as James Warwick on The Bold & The Beautiful, Joshua Temple on GH’s spinoff Port Charles, and Ian McAllister on Days Of Our Lives. By the time he joined the cast of AMC in 2005 as Dr. Greg Madden, Hughes had already returned to GH, so their storylines never overlapped in Pine Valley.

Given the soap opera universe’s knack for bringing characters back from the dead, fans are undoubtedly hopeful that Duke might make another dramatic return. In the world of soaps, after all, anything can happen!

Source: Soaps In Depth, General Hospital