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Ian McKellen Cancels Tour to ‘Protect My Recovery’ After Stage Fall

Actor Ian McKellen announced on Monday his withdrawal from a U.K. tour of his latest play due to the need for more time to recover after falling off the stage at a London theater last month.

At 85, McKellen reassured fans that his injuries “improve day by day.”

“It’s with the greatest reluctance that I have accepted the medical advice to protect my full recovery by not working in the meantime,” he conveyed in a statement.

The well-known “Lord of the Rings” star spent three nights in a London hospital after an unfortunate tumble during a performance of “Player Kings” at the Noel Coward Theatre on June 17.

“Player Kings” is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s two “Henry IV” history plays, directed by Robert Icke. Following the incident, several performances were canceled before the run resumed with understudy Devid Semark filling in for the role of Falstaff.

Producers indicated that Semark would continue to portray the character during a national tour scheduled from July 3-27.

McKellen, who is renowned for his roles as Gandalf in the “Lord of the Rings” saga and Magneto in the “X-Men” films, is also one of Britain’s most esteemed Shakespearean actors. His portfolio includes significant roles such as Richard III, Macbeth, and King Lear.

In addition to his numerous stage roles, McKellen has earned a Tony Award for “Amadeus,” several Olivier Awards, and nominations for two Academy Awards, five Emmys, and several BAFTA awards.

Source: Associated Press