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Iberia and Efe celebrate 75 years of Spain’s air union with Latin America

Madrid, Sep 20 (EFE) .- The Iberia company and the EFE Agency celebrated on Monday the strong connection and communication ties between Spain and Latin America on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the first flight between Madrid and Buenos Aires, the beginning of the expansion of the Espñaola airline for Latin America.

That first flight, on September 22, 1946, culminated after 36 hours and four stopovers a journey that today takes just 13 hours and in direct flight.

Held at the Casa de América, the event also brought together the Spanish Secretary of State for Ibero-America, Juan Fernández Trigo, and numerous ambassadors and representatives from Ibero-American countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

In his speech, Fernández Trigo highlighted the importance of Iberia and Efe and their respective interconnection networks with Latin America as a connecting force between both shores of the Atlantic and to enhance the presence and importance of Spanish in the world.

This idea of ​​the union between countries was also expressed by the president of Iberia, Javier Sánchez Prieto, who stressed that Latin America is the “vocation” of the company, a “Spanish airline with a Latin American soul” as demonstrated by its commitment to the region.

A commitment that the company maintained in “good times”, such as the nineties, and not so good, as in the last year, when it made more than 60 repatriation flights with countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic or Uruguay.

“And we have also brought medical supplies to many of them, and then vaccines,” he explained.

For her part, the president of EFE, Gabriela Cañas, highlighted the presence of the news agency to inform and immortalize each of the milestones reached by the airline since the first years in which Iberia connected Europe with Latin America.

“Efe was there to tell the tale,” said Cañas, who recalled how the agency’s photographers received all the illustrious travelers, politicians, ambassadors, writers, designers, artists, who crossed the Atlantic and contributed to “an important cultural exchange that made Spanish bigger “.

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