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IBM brings data vaults to its flash storage servers

Several extensions for the FlashSystem family introduced in February 2020 are now available from IBM. For example, the new Safeguarded Copy function is built into the all-flash memory in order to improve data protection and provide quick recovery after cyber attacks. In addition, Big Blue plans to publish new Storage-as-a-Service offers in September to make it easier for companies to get started with FlashSystem technology and use hybrid clouds. Cost: From 23 euros (27 dollars) per TByte per month for at least 400 TByte.

Safeguarded Copy automatically creates data copies and saves them in a “data safe” within a flash system. This data is isolated there and secured in such a way that it cannot be changed – and it cannot simply be accessed. In the event of data loss, data breach, a criminal attack or any other event that compromises data, customers can restore their systems from Safeguarded Copy – based on pre-determined points in time. The tool can also be used to extract certain data, to diagnose production problems or to validate the data sets on a regular basis.

With Safeguarded Copy, system administrators can schedule the automatic creation of logical point-in-time snapshots. These are stored in dedicated pools on the storage system – there they cannot be changed and are inaccessible. Once the data is in the pool, it can only be restored, eliminating the risk of data manipulation or deletion. The new tool is based on the tried and tested Technology of the DS8000 memorydeveloped for mainframe environments.

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The creation of backup copies can be integrated with the SIEM tool QRadar, which monitors all activities in the company network and looks for signs of an attack, for example if an unauthorized person attempts to log in. You can now use QRadar to explicitly start Safeguarded Copy so that it automatically creates a protected backup at the first sign of a threat.

In contrast to some comparable snapshot tools, customers can configure Safeguarded Copy themselves and plan backups based on rules – without remote access by IBM. Big Blue also provides Safeguarded Copy with the update to the latest firmware v8.4.2 free of charge.

With the future Storage-as-a-Service offer, customers should be able to integrate hybrid cloud storage into every data center environment and bill them based on consumption. To do this, the customer selects the required storage unit by determining the appropriate performance class, capacity and service term.

The storage service can also be extended to hybrid cloud use cases – with the IBM Spectrum Virtualize software for public cloud in AWS or in the IBM Cloud. Support for Microsoft Azure is also planned.

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