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Ice Spice Twerks at Gas Station for 2024 BET Awards Performance

Ice Spice captivated audiences at the 2024 BET Awards on Sunday, June 30, with a dazzling performance at a makeshift gas station. The Bronx artist, clad in white lace lingerie, introduced her latest single, “Phat Butt,” against a backdrop of a graffiti-covered concrete wall. The energetic performance showcased her unique style and charisma.

Transitioning seamlessly, Ice Spice moved on to perform “Think U the Sh*t (Fart),” where she appeared to take aim at an undisclosed rival. The rapper’s fiery verses resonated with the crowd as she rapped, “Think you the sh*t, bi**h?/ You not even the fart (Grrah)/ I be goin’ hard (Grrah)/ I’m breakin’ they hearts, like.” Her lyrics further taunted the rival with lines such as, “Bi**hes be quick, but I’m quicker (Like)/ Bi**hes be thick, but I’m thicker (Like)/ She could be rich, but I’m richer (Damn).”

“Phat Butt” was released on Friday, June 21, as a precursor to her forthcoming album, Y2K. The single continues the trend of Ice Spice addressing her unnamed adversaries, accusing them of copying and biting her style. The bass-heavy production of “Phat Butt” hints that Y2K will feature a strong drill influence.

During an interview with, the New York rapper shared insights into her debut LP, emphasizing its drill nature. “It’s definitely gonna be a drill album,” she revealed. “But I have a lot of different sounding beats that I haven’t been heard on much, so I’m excited for those more than anything. I really want to know what my fans think about these new-sounding songs.”

Notably, Ice Spice’s sharp lyrical jabs have elicited responses from her rivals. Latto, another rapper, replied to Ice Spice’s provocations in her track “Sunday Service.” Latto incorporated elements of “Think U The Sh*t (Fart)” into her own song, boldly declaring, “Think I’m the sh*t? I know it h*e.”

Additionally, Latto escalated the feud by filming her music video in the Bronx, Ice Spice’s home turf, arriving in a convoy of Black Suburbans as promised in her lyrics. Latto is also preparing to release her album, Sugar Honey Iced Tea, which is speculated to be a jab at Ice Spice.

Ice Spice’s performance at the 2024 BET Awards can be watched above, showcasing her unapologetic and bold artistry. The tension between her and her rivals continues to build, promising more excitement and drama in the world of rap.

Source:, BET Awards