iCloud already manages your passwords in Windows 10 too

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To enter an Internet site you need a username and password. The first thing is not difficult to find since it works with the nick of any other platform, but the most important thing is the password. This is a critical point in the process since if you lose the alias nothing happens, but the password is sacred and in order not to lose it there are only two options: either you sign it up if you put a difficult one or you have a security service. And this is where Apple comes in and its new password management feature that it puts in iCloud for Windows 10 users.

Use iCloud to save your Windows 10 passwords

Even if you think that Apple products cannot be used in another device that is not from the Cupertino house, there is nothing further from the truth. If you have a device with Windows 10, surely you can use some of the firm’s applications such as the Apple iCloud cloud service. But this is not the only application that the software has since now it is also capable of saving your passwords.

There are many who have expected this to become a reality, basically all those who for some reason left the Apple computer to go to one of the competition. If that’s the case, in the new version 12.5 of iCloud it will have a greater combination with Redmond software. Specifically, there are two programs that will enjoy the benefits of this software and son Windows 10 y Microsoft Edge.

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Its operation is complemented by an extension that is available for the Microsoft browser and, as expected, any change in the manager is automated on all devices. Come on, you can change a password for a site from your iPhone and have it automatically on the computer where you have associated it.

One more alternative

iCloud for Microsoft finally has its own password management and you can calmly use your devices each of a brand. However, you may like to use one of the other applications that offer a similar service and that provide more compatibility between the services you use.


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