Id Software is looking for staff for ‘a deeply rooted iconic action FPS’ game

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id Software has opened several positions in its Dallas office and is seeking staff for these positions. The work is about “an iconic action FPS game that is old, established and still in progress”.

Open positions now On the Zenimax website is listed. While the developer states that he is looking for workers for an already existing brand, the statements about the positions opened may give some idea of ​​what the game could be.

Listed under the job description for Skybox Artist In its description of the job, which goes by the name, the studio states that it’s looking for someone to join the existing team and “design landscapes and elements from the sci-fi and fantasy worlds for a AAA-quality game.” While id doesn’t specify which series the recruit will be involved in, its statements about “sci-fi and fantasy world aesthetics” indicate that the studio may be on the hunt for a new Doom game.

Alternatively, Quake’s gothic industrial look could be described as belonging to the universe of science fiction and fantasy.

Doom Eternal was id Software’s last addition to the Doom series. The game came out last year and was well received by fans and critics. MRT gave the game a score of 9 out of 10.

However, there are developments that can excite Quake fans as well. Announced at QuakeCon The subsequent remake of Quake released earlier this year may mean that the studio is trying to test demand and the environment before releasing a new Quake game. You see, the Quake series will be back with a brand new game soon…

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Jared Moore is an entertainment writer at MRT.

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