If Instagram goes down, your application will notify you of the failure (but only if it is serious)

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The start of last week was certainly hectic, because just in the afternoon, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram suffered a historical drop of almost 6 hours of interruption in their services. And when their services go down, the typical thing comes that you cannot enter the app, or that you enter and the user interface opens but you cannot send something, upload something, etc.

Luckily we have websites like DownDetector, which inform us when an online service, platform or application has problems or is directly down. But his thing is that it was the apps that we consulted that did that. And it is exactly what Instagram is going to do.

Instagram will notify you if its service is down

As reported in its official blog, on Instagram they are testing a new feature that will notify you in your activity feed when the IG service experiences an interruption or a technical problem, and of course also when it is resolved.

According to Instagram we will not send a notification every time there is an outage, but when we see that people are confused and looking for answers, we will determine if something like this could help clarify things “. This test will take place in the United States and will last for the next few months. And as is often the case with new features, depending on how successful you are, you may extend your test and end up arriving as a new feature in the app. Or it may not make it past the testo phase.

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Account status

Another novelty that Instagram has taken advantage of to announce is that last year “We introduced the Support Requests to give people more information about anything they previously reported on Instagram – posts, comments, profiles – and to let people know if something they posted was against our Community Guidelines. “

Therefore, the service is making changes to make it even easier to know what is happening with your account, in a new tool called ‘Account status‘, which will be the only way to see what is happening with your account and the distribution of content.

“We will start by making it easier for users to know if their account is at risk of being deactivated. In the coming months, we plan to add more information to this tool, giving people a better idea of ​​how their content is being distributed and recommended across different parts of Instagram. If you think we’ve made a mistake, you can also appeal by clicking ‘ Request a review ‘directly from your account status’.


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