“If they don’t know how to cook, why are they getting married?”: A Mexican teacher justifies assaulting a woman for burning food

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A Mexican medical teacher from the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes (UAA) was suspended this Wednesday for advising his students to learn to cook before getting married to avoid being attacked by their partners.

During a class, the traumatologist Gerardo de León analyzed a clinical case in which a man had stabbed his wife, supposedly because the woman had burned dinner on several occasions, when he made a misogynistic comment: “If they don’t know how to cook, why not? what are they getting married? One arrives hungry and gives courage“.

“That is the recommendation of the day, learn to cook before getting married,” the professor is heard saying in a recording broadcast on social networks, when one of his students questioned his macho comment and said: “Wouldn’t it be better, doctor, if we learned not to lose our sanity so as not to stab our wives? “ But the teacher finished: “That’s yours [recomendación], mine is learning to cook. ”

After what happened, the university issued a statement in which it announced the immediate suspension of Gerardo de León. “The UAA repudiates all sexist demonstration, as well as any act of harassment, discrimination or violence “, reads the statement.

According to the last data from the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection, in Mexico, only during the month of August there were 25,608 calls to 911 related to incidents of violence against women; with a total of 190.458 throughout 2021 until the end of that month, which shows a negative dynamic, since in all of 2016 92,604 calls were reported.

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