If you expect a package from MRW, be wary of this SMS message to mobile

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On these Christmas dates, just after Christmas and before the Three Kings, it is a non-stop shopping, gifts, etc. And since there are many people who continue to work and do not have time to go shopping, Amazon, eBay and Co. are the best options to use. Therefore, the shipping agencies do not supply until January 7. And if you are waiting for a package that arrives from the MRW agency, watch out for this sms.

The fake SMS of MRW

The OSI, the Internet User Security Office, has detected an SMS campaign impersonating MRW in which, with the excuse of paying shipping costs, the user is urged to click on a link that redirects to a false page where credit card details are requested to meet the alleged fee that he must pay. According to the OSI, this fraudulent website “It has a design very similar to that of the impersonated company, MRW in this case, so it does not make the user suspect that they are facing a fraudulent website.

The way to check it is checking the URL of the web, which is not the legitimate domain, but one that tries to simulate the legitimate one by using the company name in the URL. In this case, if you click and provide your card details, you will be “They will make undue charges on your account.”

Therefore, as always happens in these cases, your intuition is the best way to detect fraud, since if something seems strange to you, it is best to distrust first. If you ask MRW about their customer service, they will tell you that this SMS is fake, and that they -and no other delivery agency – they will charge you more than what you have already paid for a package on an Amazon, eBay or otherwise – unless customs charges are incurred.


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