Iggy Azalea stuns in a daring see-through bikini, defying all fashion norms

By: Dan Cooper

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Iggy Azalea Rocks Pink Bikini in Instagram Photoshoot

The singer Iggy Azalea has an impressive curvaceous figure and she did not hesitate to show it off in a new photo session for Instagram. The interpreter of Fancy posed for the cameras dressed in a tiny pink bikini made of transparent fabric that made it almost impossible to wear. She also wore a pink heart-shaped cherry print T-shirt. She exposed her tiny waist and the tattoos on her body. She styled her hair in a high ponytail and described her image with a cherry blossom emoticon.


Iggy Azalea Sells Music Rights and Rakes in Wealth

Iggy Azalea is one of the richest women in Australia. She recently sold a house and has been seen in luxury cars. The rapper sold the rights to her music and publishing catalog last November to Domain Capital, including her hits Fancy and Problem, her collaboration with Ariana Grande. “I sold a part of my catalog to whoever I wanted, for an amount that means that I don’t have to work another day in my life. I love you all, but the conversation is a bit beyond your understanding of business,” she added.

Iggy Azalea Generates Income on “Sexy” Content Platform

Azalea rose to fame in 2014 when she released her debut album The New Classic, which followed her hit Fancy. She has since won two American Music Awards and three Billboard Music Awards, plus four Grammy nominations. But now, in addition to his music career, he generates income on a “sexy” content platform, but his followers have turned against him, saying that the $ 25 they pay is not worth it.

Iggy Azalea Reveals Plans to Collaborate with Britney Spears

Iggy Azalea recently revealed on the Watch What Happens program Live that he has been in contact with the singer Britney Spears since his guardianship ended and that he would like to collaborate with her again. “Yes, I have been in contact with her. We talk on Instagram sometimes. If she sends me a message, I will answer everything. My collaboration with her has always been one of my favorites. I’ve talked about this before, I feel like there was so much we wanted to do with it that we never got to. We never got to do everything we wanted to do,” he said when answering a viewer’s question. Azalea added: “I love Britney and she’s so much more creative than people realize, like what she did with Elton. [John] It was incredible. I would love to be a part of anything she has to do, especially when it’s 100 percent hers her own ideas of hers.”

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