Iglesias does not want to separate from Lilith Verstrynge: includes her adviser on the electoral list

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Precisely, the PP presented in the Congress of Deputies a non-law proposal urging the Government to “rationalize” the spending of its mammoth structure, but PSOE and Podemos rejected said initiative. Specifically, the ‘popular’ demanded that the Executive reduce the number of Vice Presidencies (there are four, including Churches) and unify the Ministries whose powers were artificially distributed “without excessive sense for his government agreement with Podemos ». That is to say, the ministries of Labor and Social Security, Health and Consumption, Education, Science and Universities.

The current deputies Isa Serra, Carolina Alonso, Tito Morano, Javier Cañadas or Paloma García also appear in the primaries. Likewise, the presence of Beatriz Gimeno, director of the Institute for Women; the leader of Podemos Community of Madrid, Jesus Santos, who is also Deputy Mayor of Alcorcón; or Raquel Almendros, councilor and spokesperson for Podemos in Galapagar.


As it appears on the website of the Podemos primaries to make up the candidacy that Pablo Iglesias will lead, Lilith Verstrynge has presented herself to be one of the members. “I am 28 years old. Madrid is the capital of my country and my home. For years it has suffered a social fragmentation caused by the gradual isolation of its economic elites. 25 years of governments that became independent from Madrid and sabotaged any attempt to common construction», Regrets in his presentation to the purple militancy.

Lilith Verstrynge promises that if she is a deputy in Madrid she will work in “Return to citizens their public services”. «Dignify their neighborhoods and towns, which is a political obligation. Madrid is generous, brave, cheerful, modern, welcoming and fair. And that is why the institutions have to guarantee the proper functioning of all public services and ensure the general interest of their citizens, “he says.

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Jorge Verstrynge and Pablo Iglesias in file image. (Photo: EFE)

On the other hand, it puts in value your curriculum vitae. “Studied History, Political Science and European Studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, a master’s degree in International Relations in Munich », among other qualifications. “To this day I continue studying and before embarking on this political project I was preparing my doctoral thesis on sovereignty and public management that I temporarily postponed,” he adds. «I have worked as a parliamentary assistant in the European Parliament with Podemos for four years, as head of the political section of the media outlet Le Vent Se Lève and como Parliamentary advisor and Speech team of the Second Vice Presidency. I am currently responsible for the Ecological Transition of Podemos », he concludes.

Personal cut

In this way, it is appreciated that Pablo Iglesias wants his current personal ‘court’ close. It currently has a team of 22 attendees. He has gone from attacking the political ‘caste’ to integrating the most expensive government in democracy. His entourage has cost the public coffers A million euros a year. As stated in the official job list, Pablo Iglesias currently has a Cabinet and a Secretariat made up of a coordinating director, seven advisers, three technical advisers, a department head and nine secretaries (five of them as assistants).

To these 21 positions must be added his chief of staff and other senior positions. This is the case of the Secretary of State for Agenda 2030, which holds Ione Belarra and that she will now be Minister of Social Rights; the Secretary of State for Social Rights, which directs Nacho Alvarez, and the Undersecretariat that manages Joseba Miren García Celada.

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These advisers like Verstrynge or Rodríguez will lose a good part of their public salary in regional politics. Although the Government Transparency Portal does not collect the emoluments of Julio Rodríguez, these would be around the 100.000 euros by analogy with other directors of the Cabinet of ministers of the previous Socialist Executive. He has the rank of undersecretary. Now, a regional deputy charges the order of 62,000 euros per year.

Temporary staff

For her part, the daughter of the former AP leader is one of the 21 assistants of the Iglesias cabinet. Twelve of them are temporary personnel, that is, positions of trust, as published by OKDIARIO. Among them is Lilith Verstrynge, daughter of the former general secretary of the Popular Alliance of Manuel Fraga, political father of Pablo Iglesias and protagonist of an escrache against his neighbor Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría in 2013.

Lilith Verstrynge, daughter of Jorge Vestrynge.  (Photo. We can EU)
Lilith Verstrynge, daughter of Jorge Vestrynge. (Photo. We can EU)

The temporary staff is characterized by their free appointment by the public office in question and by occupying positions of trust or advice. He can be terminated freely by the authority that appointed him and automatically when the termination occurs or the mandate of the same expires.

All this information has been hidden by Pablo Iglesias from the Congress of Deputies. In a parliamentary question registered by the opposition, the Government replied: “Royal Decree 139/2020, which establishes the basic organic structure of the ministerial departments, establishes the staffing of the Cabinet of the Minister and the secretariats of State. Their remuneration is the set forth in the law », they limited themselves to justifying.

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