IICA highlights the bioeconomy, science and sustainability agenda in Argentina

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San José, Dec 13 (EFE) .- The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) reported this Monday that it will advance projects aimed at building more sustainable agri-food systems in Argentina, with an agenda focused on issues of bioeconomy, sustainability and science and technology.

IICA indicated in a press release that they will jointly seek to boost the bioeconomy, digital connectivity in rural areas, care for natural resources and the use of new technologies to promote agricultural development and rural well-being.

The Director General of IICA, Manuel Otero, was received during an official tour by the President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, Sergio Massa; the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmus; and the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Juan Cabandié, detailed IICA.

Otero and Massa agreed to sponsor an exchange between the Committee on Agriculture and Livestock of the Chamber of Deputies and IICA on issues related to the future of agri-food production, including those related to caring for the environment and nutrition.

For his part, Massa was interested in the work that IICA has been carrying out to place on the public agenda the need to close the digital divide that affects rural areas compared to cities.

Data cited by IICA indicate that at least 77 million people living in rural areas of Latin America and the Caribbean lack connectivity with minimum quality standards, for which it is necessary to carry out public and private efforts in the region.

Regarding the bioeconomy, Filmus and Otero agreed to design technical cooperation programs to deepen the development of this area, as a model of sustainable growth for the provision to rural people of digital agricultural services aimed at technical assistance and rural extension.

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The minister also showed interest in IICA’s technical cooperation experience in Central America and the Caribbean, with a view to establishing collaboration projects that allow the exchange of knowledge and experiences of Argentina in science and technology applied to agriculture with those subregions, which are strongly dependent on the import of food.

While in the meeting with the Minister of the Environment, Otero explained the task that IICA has been developing to promote greener and more inclusive agriculture in the region and revealed that it is already working on agendas, with different subregions of the continent, with a view to next United Nations Conference on Climate Change, COP27, to be held in late 2022.

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