Images of Operation Osiris: machine gun bullets rain down from a helicopter during the capture of ‘Otoniel’, Colombia’s most wanted drug lord

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In new images disseminated on social networks, the hard fighting that took place from a helicopter that provided air support during the ‘Osiris’ operation, which culminated in the capture of Dairo Antonio Úsuga, alias ‘Otoniel’, head of the Gulf Clan, is observed. , considered the largest drug trafficking group in Colombia.

Colombian authorities revealed that the operation was deployed with more than 500 special forces men Army and Navy, in addition to 22 support helicopters, which was able to close off any escape. His capture was finally achieved around 3:00 p.m. (local time).

In another video posted on social networks, the Colombian Military Forces showed the area where the capo was captured, who was in the sights of the authorities for almost seven years.

Úsuga established himself as one of the most wanted drug traffickers internationally. For information leading to his capture, the DEA offered up to five million dollars.

After the arrest, the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, offered a press conference in which he declared that this is “the hardest blow to drug trafficking of this century in Colombia” and assured that it is “comparable only with the fall of Pablo Escobar”.

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Against ‘Otoniel’ there are more than 120 open processes for a whole series of crimes and a red circular issued by Interpol for aggravated multiple homicide, aggravated multiple kidnapping, kidnapping and conspiracy to commit a crime. The Colombian Defense Minister, Diego Molano Aponte, indicated that the capo of the Gulf Clan will be extradited to the USA.

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