Immigrants arriving in New York are monitored with bracelets since they leave Texas

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 As more Texas buses arrive with hundreds of asylum seekers in New York, immigrants are searched with the use of bracelets to make sure they reach their final destination, according to reports from the City Council’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA).

Hundreds of asylum seekers continued to arrive in New York City Thursday morning, bused across the state of Texas in an ongoing political fight over immigration.

Recent photographs obtained exclusively by Telemundo 47 from the Office of Immigrant Affairs of the City Council, show migrants being scanned with the use of bracelets.

The white ribbons are supposedly placed on immigrants when they leave Texas and then removed once they arrive in New York.

Last month, Mayor Eric Adams accused Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of flooding the city with immigrants, a claim Abbott denied. But when the war of words between the two intensified, Abbott changed course and said Texas would, in fact, start sending regular caravans into the city.

In the past two days alone, more than 400 people arrived at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and the city alleged that many of them were forced to come here against their wishes. They were greeted by city agencies and social service groups that offered them food, clothing, and information on how to seek shelter.

New York City has right-to-housing laws, and the mayor has said asylees would be welcomed with “open arms.” But he also accused Abbott of rampant cruelty to those immigrants, forcing them onto buses and throwing them thousands of miles away. Abott said Wednesday that the immigrants were being sent to New York of their own free will.

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Abbott has said the Biden administration is allowing a crisis at the border and that Democratic mayors like Adams must pressure the federal government to act.

Once they get here, a separate controversy is brewing over how the city actually handles them. As our sister station NBC News 4 reported, the city’s Department of Social Services has been denying asylees eligibility for shelter because they can’t submit documents that, for many of them, simply don’t exist.

The city’s Investigative Department is also investigating allegations of a cover-up within the DSS, after the department violated legal mandates for several days for several families by failing to place them in a shelter before the daily deadline.

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