Impeachment Articles To Be Presented Against The Secretary Of Homeland Security For Mismanagement Of The Migration Crisis

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Andy Biggs, Republican Congressman from Arizona, ad this Saturday he will present impeachment articles against Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of National Security, in relation to the management of the migration crisis on the southern border of the country by the current Administration.

“Secretary Mayorkas is a threat to sovereignty and security of our nation. As a result of his actions and policies, the US is more in danger today than when he began serving as secretary, “reads the Bigss statement. aforementioned por Fox News.

The congressman argued his intentions, invoking the inability of the senior official to “maintain operational control of the border,” which translates into the illegal entry of migrants. “Under his direction, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is releasingsystematicallyforeigners who test positive for coronavirus in our communities, subjecting the American people to unnecessary and avoidable risks, “emphasizes the congressman.

From bad to worse

Republicans accuse the Biden Administration of having dismantled several policies developed under Donald Trump, in particular the Migrant Protection Protocols, the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, or the application of Title 42, section of a law federal that allows the expulsion irregular migrants on the grounds of prevent the spread of covid-19 in detention facilities, and that the current president has prolonged, albeit to a limited extent.

For its part, the White House maintains that the increase in the flow of illegal migrants is due to “root causes“such as poverty, violence and climate change in the migrants’ countries of origin.

Meanwhile, the migration crisis continues to deepen. This Thursday it was announced that 834 unaccompanied children had arrived in the surrounding area in a single day, while more than 19,000 minors were detained by immigration authorities in July. At the same time, throughout this month irregular migrants were detained at the Mexican-American border on some 210,000 occasions, details AP.

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