In addition to The Good Doctor and Doctor Milagro: other versions of the series that you should know

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In recent decades viewers began to lean towards medical dramas, with Grey’s Anatomy as the most consecrating fiction. That is why ABC eventually gave rise to The Good Doctor, starring Freddie Highmore, a series that became all the rage and already has a large number of fans. A few months ago came Doctor Miracle, its Turkish version, but there are two more that you should know.

The premise of both productions is the same: “The story revolves around Shaun Murphy / Ali Vefa, a young man with autism spectrum disorders associated with sage syndrome, who was sent to a specialized care center as a child, where it was discovered that he had great brain capacities and special penetrating abilities He finally enters the field of pediatric surgery as a resident, where he is given six months to prove that he was capable. However, due to his atypical mental and emotional state, he faces conflicts from peers and patients, who they see it as childish and unreliable “.

In case you didn’t know, the first edition of this story is Good doctor from South Korea. It had its premiere in August 2013 on the South Korean network KBS 2TV and stars Joo Won in the title role of Park Shi On. Unlike those mentioned, this show had only 20 episodes, which they were positively received by the audience and the critics gave them favorable opinions, reaching multiple awards in his country.

The second to be made was The Good Doctor in the United States, and in case you didn’t know, the next one was held in Japan. In July 2018, the Fuji TV chain premiered Guddo Dokuta, starring Yamazaki Kento as Shindo Minato, and just like his predecessors it was a success from the first moment. Another feature is that it is the shortest of all, with 10 chapters, which were honored at the 98th Academy Awards of Japanese Television Drama.

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The latest version is Macize Doktor, or better known as Doctor Miracle, premiered on Fox Turkey in September 2019 and featured a total of 64 episodes. Currently you can see through the chain Telefé in Argentina and every night it takes over the audience, as happened with other Turkish productions that arrived in Latin America in these years.

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