In addition to Virgin River, Alexandra Breckenridge is on another major series where she has a link with Mel

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Virgin River is one of the great successes of the streaming service Netflix in the last time and it is demonstrated when seeing the Top 10 of the most seen of the platform in the whole world at present, where it is part for its third season released a few weeks ago. Alexandra Breckenridge is its protagonist, but it is also in another series in which it will be very important.

A place to dream, title chosen as its translation, revolves around the life of Melina Monroe, a nurse who answers an advertisement to work in California, in a rural area called Virgin River. Her goal is to start a new life and leave behind painful memories of her recent divorce, but in her personal quest she meets Jack Sheridan, a bartender who will be her new love.

As fans already know, Alexandra performs great in the role of Mel, although it is also part of one of the most popular shows today: This Is Us. In this production created by Dan Fogelman he plays Sophie Inman, a recurring character that has a link to that of Virgin River, since she is also a nurse but at the Manhattan General Hospital.

In fiction Sophie She is a friend of Kate Pearson and it was thanks to her that she met Kevin Pearson, played by Justin Hartley, who she started dating in her teens and they married but later divorced when he cheated on her. After twelve years without communication they met again in an episode of the first season, where they again had a short romance.

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[Spoilers de This Is Us]

This Is Us prepares to premiere its sixth and final season this year, in which Sophie will be important to the plot. In the final chapter of the fifth installment we saw that Kevin and Madison’s marriage is frustrated, Y in one of the previous episodes we saw that he reconnects with his ex-wife. That is why it is believed that both will resume their relationship and have a new romance with whom they flirted throughout the series.


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