In Amazon Prime Video’s Documentary On Justin Bieber, What Can We Expect?

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The pop star’s most recent documentary, “ Justin Bieber: Our World ”, premiered on Amazon Prime Video late last year. It shows behind the scenes without neglecting what happens on stage.

This documentary follows Justin Bieber as he prepares for his 2020 New Year’s Eve concert, which was his first full concert in three years. Although the world was still in lockdown due to COVID, the young singer broadcast the concert from the rooftop of the Beverly Hilton Hotel for 240 guests and broadcast the show live for millions of fans around the world. Of course, for true Beliebers, this documentary is a must. Here’s what you need to know about how to watch the Justin Bieber documentary and all the details.

What is “Justin Bieber: Our World” about?

Fifteen years after it all began for him, Justin Bieber is a musical phenomenon with 150 million album sales, two Grammy Awards, a spot on Forbes Magazine’s Celebrity Power Rankings, and his army of Beliebers. It was all good, but COVID slowed it down, just like it did everyone else. And that’s when the concept behind the concert at Our World came about.

Our World talks a lot about how COVID protocols adjusted how he prepared and worked on his return to the stage, as well as how the movie was shot. Justin Bieber himself contributes a “self-capture” camera for moments at home with his wife Hailey Baldwin, as well as on the concert stage, 30 days before showtime.

The ballroom at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, home of the Golden Globes, and now, a live stage that will feature a triangular stage in front of the wings of the V-shaped room. 240 VIPs and guests, the extreme limit in a city in isolation, will see the show live, while perhaps 240 million will tune in worldwide. That was the plan.

Preparations continue as the days go by, with daily rapid tests to verify that no one tests positive for Covid. Our World intersperses that footage with the show itself, where Bieber, dressed in a Nike hoodie, belts out hits like “Sorry,” “Second That Emotion,” “Boyfriend,” and “Baby,” all alongside guests from the likes of Travis Scott and Ludacris.

As the day of the show approaches, Justin Bieber’s lead choreographer tests positive for Covid-19, making preparation difficult. The live stream fails because all the Beliebers in the world log in at the same time. But the show must go on, and it does, with “Where Are U Now” and “Anyone” delivering some of the most incredible moments of the night. And as drones transform a cross into a large pink “JB” in the sky, cameras capture the star and her dancers descending onto the stage from the ceiling.

“Being an artist can be very selfish if you let it, because everyone is screaming for you,” muses Justin Bieber in a final voiceover. “You have to constantly go back to the thought of ‘Why.’ ‘Why am I singing for all these people? Is it because I want to feel good about myself? Or is it to make others feel good about themselves?’” This documentary is a way to get to know the “B side”, not only of the show itself but of the artist who has been able to conquer thousands of people around the world.

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